The Lee Chapel Family Center

A Convenient and Comfortable Place for Family and Friends to Gather

The Lee Chapel of Sytsema Funeral Homes features a unique concept in funeral service. We know it is not always easy to gather at the family home, or the home of a friend. That is why we designed our Family Center to provide a reception area for you and your guests.

The families we've served are saying such nice things about our Family Center... "beautiful", "comfortable"; "Just what our family needed", and our personal favorite, “Leave it to Sytsema to think of everything.”

We have tried to think of, and do, everything for our client families. And the Lee Chapel Family Center is proof of our intention to exceed your expectations.

As with each funeral service, each member of your family, and each of your friends, is unique. The staff of our Family Center will assist you with the selection, and serving, of beverages and food, from appetizers, to light lunches, and all the way to full course meals.

We will help you identify your specific needs and provide the support to be certain they are met. We have a list of approved caterers we have worked with, and know they can provide you and your guests with exactly what you desire.

Our Family Center accommodates 100 persons. It's a pleasant place for food and fellowship, barrier free and includes rest rooms. Many families choose to hold their loved one’s memorial in this hospitable space, rather than in the more traditional settings. We invite you to call us at(231) 726-5210 to learn more about our reception services.