Sytsema Funeral & Cremation ServicesThe Walburn Chapel

The Walburn Chapel joined the Sytsema Funeral Home family in April of 1976. With the addition of this Muskegon farmhouse-turned-funeral home, the Sytsema family could serve the residents of the Muskegon community better than ever before. The remodeled barn is the perfect rustic-yet-modern atmosphere to celebrate the life of an adventurous or nature-loving loved one, and attendees will find that the unique location gives a special quality to the memory of the event. 

            Our facilities and spectacular staff are ideal for both funeral and cremation services. Our family-owned crematory allows us to keep your loved ones in our professional care from beginning to end, ensuring peace of mind. With years of service and endless compassion, our staff at the Walburn Chapel serves every Muskegon family with equal respect and dedication. Combined with the convenience of our beautiful location, we are confident that it’s the right funeral home for every family.